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Acrylic 40x60

Acrylic 40x60



Acrylic prints are one of the most visually striking ways of displaying art. The print is facemounted to a polished block of acrylic, giving it a vibrant and 3D look. For extra durability and sturdiness, it is backed with 1/8" aluminum Dibond. Acrylic is more expensive than other mediums due to higher labor and material costs, but it's worth it if you want the most perfect print money can buy.


Free shipping to Canada and the USA


Please contact me for a custom quote if you:


  • Are located outside of Canada or the USA

  • Need a custom size or crop


    As each print is custom-made to order, sales are final and no returns are accepted.


    If your print is damaged or lost in transit, please contact me. Shipments are insured and a new piece will be made and sent out.


    All prints are archival and museum-quality. However, as with all print products, please avoid displaying them in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

    To store or transport your print, use bubble wrap or acid-free craft paper.

    Care must be taken when cleaning your acrylic print:

    • only use microfiber towels - regular towels or paper towels can scratch the surface
    • wipe any debris off first - if there is significant debris, you may want to blast it with some compressed air
    • use specialized plastic cleaner
    • do not use ammonia or alcohol-based products
    • start wiping from the center outwards, in a circular motion
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