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Over the past decade, Matt has combined his love of travel, adventure and story telling to embrace the language of landscape photography.

Matt finds a mathematical satisfaction in capturing visual harmony between geometry and light in our natural world. It is through unlocking these incredible moments in nature that he achieves a sense of interconnection and realization. To him, It can feel like solving an equation. His process involves exploration, discovery, vision and impeccable timing while interpreting and photographing his subjects. During these outdoor endeavors, patience and creative stamina play key roles in Matt's success.

It is during his time in nature that Matt feels less bound by circumstance and more dialed in to the immeasurable potential of consciousness and life. Through his extensive explorations, Matt observes the rapid pace at which our planet is changing. He acknowledges the vulnerability of our remaining original ecosystems, and recognizes them as the last true examples of Creation's intended design. He wishes to preserve the memories of these disappearing wonders with his own portrayals. Through his images, Matt strives to convey a sense of simplicity, order, reverence or even power.

Matt believes deeply in the honest depiction of the human experience. Every photograph was seen through his eyes. With the application of several advanced digital techniques Matt is able to manually overcome the limitations of a camera while artfully drawing his viewers into the frame. Though he does enjoy the personal touch of digital enhancements, his primary focus is to maintain full integrity of his subjects, of nature and of reality itself.

In honing this craft, Matt sought mentorship from his greatest inspirations in nature photography. In turn, he is now providing inspiration and mentorship to others through workshops and creative critiques. Matt's quest for remote landscapes and magnificent light has taken him to a vast range of places including the Himalayas, Patagonia, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Pakistan, Lebanon, the Peruvian Andes, Indonesia and many more. He has been personally sponsoring his creative journey by working as an Air Traffic Controller since 2004 and currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Natural Landscape Photography Awards

2022 - Mountain category winner

International Pano Awards

2020 - Open photographer of the year


Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF)
2020 - Grand prize winner, Landscape category winner

International Landscape Photographer of the Year

2022 - Top 101

2021 - Top 101

2019 - Top 101

2018 - Top 101

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