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From the vast wilderness directly into your living space! My images are printed on glossy metallic paper and then reverse face mounted onto a thin sheet of Acrylic for maximum pop. The print is then reinforced with a dibond backing and equipped with a recessed frame to give it the most luxurious presentation available. The finished product offers amazing depth, clarity and sharpness. All bracketing is included and each print arrives ready to install.

Interior and frame mockup.3d render.

Typical sizes and prices (CAD):

16" x 24" - $375

20" x 30" - $575

24" x 36" - $850

32" x 48" - $1600

40" x 60" - $2200

*Prices do not include shipping.

**Other sizes available on request. Some images are non-standard ratios with adjusted prices.

All prints are individually proofed and digitally signed by myself. If you are interested in purchasing a print or exhibiting my work, please contact me directly.

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